About us Projects for International Exchange Promotion and Social Contribution Through Sports


About us


Corporation Name CSPR - Council of Sports Public Relations(General Incorporated Association)
Address 4-39-9 Tai, Tamano-shi, Okayama Japan 103-0013
Establishment April 23, 2014
Corporation Purpose

We aim at promoting exchanging the technology and know-how of the companies and other organizations and cultural & mental aspects through the international exchange and globalization, contributing to building personality and fostering sound youth through sports, and contributing to the development and evolution of Sport Training and its diversion into the education by pursuing the human body function and the mental structure from the both soft and hard aspect and compiling the database.
CSPR conducts the following projects to achieve the above objects;

  1. International Exchange Projects through Sports
  2. Projects for Building Personality and Fostering Next Generation Human Resources through Sports
  3. Projects for Research & Study, Exhibition & Utilization, Spread of Knowledge and Diversion into Education regarding Sports
  4. Social Contribution Projects through Sports
  5. Projects Supplementary and Related to above-mentioned Projects and Projects necessary to achieve the aims of CSPR
Representative Director
Yukiteru Fujiwara

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