Message Projects for International Exchange Promotion and Social Contribution Through Sports




There are a lot of invisible barriers among the nations in the world such as their own cultures and problems by the historical, religious, regional and economic reasons.

But in the sporting world, by observing the rules of each sport, people can stand on the same field “as players” beyond their nationality, tribe, language and culture.

Through the sport, they accept each other and brush up each other. And they can appeal themselves by their play without any hesitation.

We, CSPR create various exchanges between the countries through sports and help to build a relationship of mutual trust deepening the bonds of each one’s heart. We are sure that such our activities will lift a lot of invisible barriers above mentioned and finally lead to play a significant role in order to achieve the world peace and the permanence of lives.

With a magnificent viewpoint, we have to think about what we can do for the earth in the future and for the children who will flourish there from now on. Therefore, we promise you that each day we, along with good fellow friends, will make every effort to pursue it.

fujiwaraThis dream cannot come true only with our few members’ effort. We eagerly wish to increase as many fellow members, who approve our activities sharing the common ideal, as possible.

We together let the dreams come true!!